Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Xmas in QLD was spent with all my immediate family.

The last time we were all together in the same place was my wedding, and there have been 2 extra monkeys added since then, Kahurangi and my nephew Taj.

Of course what better opportunity that to whip out the flash Canon IOS camera and take a few snaps, it helps that my brother George has the same camera and is a bit more savvy with all the settings than I am (what do you mean you can change it from 'auto'?)

L-R: George, Matt, Mum, Dad, Cynthia & Me
Nanny & Grandad with all their grandkids

Next generation of cuzzies!
I grew up in Christchurch with all my aunties, uncles, cousins and both sets of grandparents.  All of my cousins were my best mates and they still are to this day.  Birthdays, Xmas, Easter, any public holiday was spent getting together for food, a few drinks for the grown-ups, music, sing-alongs, dancing and a whole lots of chaos & play for the 20+ cuzzies.  Summers were spent on picnics, camping by gorgeous NZ rivers, and having sleepovers with family - just the best.

Now of course the family is spread all over and my boy won't have those experiences of whanau being just round the corner.  All getting together at the same time is rare, but you know what?  It was beautiful seeing all the kids together, this next generation of 'cuzzies', and how they just fit.

I guess it's genetics, or just Whanau=Family=Love.

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