Saturday, 12 January 2013

Party, Party, Party....

The heat has been killer in Queanbeyan and the ACT - Im writing this at 10.46pm and the weather is a balmy 26 degrees.  Today we went to Marcus's 2nd birthday party at the Weston Park Railway station and Cafe.  Can I just say 'great venue' for a kids party, train rides for the young & old, catering available (and can also bring your own), bouncy castle and face painting on request, great location with a cool park and water play area close by, right on the lake shore.  Pretty idyllic huh?

Anyway the party started at 9.30am and just as well as it was steamy by 10.30am.  Just as well there was some decent shade and a great indoor space to hide from the sun.  The kids had a blast - Kahu LOVED the train and was pretty much first kid on every time the whistle sounded for the "Marcus Birthday Party Express", and of course some of our favourite people were there - Miss Lolly, James and the birthday boy Marcus.

Oh and to make it even better the theme was Disney Cars, which just happens to be the monkey's all-time favourite movie (either 1 or 2 will do).  So of course I am going to steal pretty much all of Amelia's ideas for the upcoming 2nd birthday (Thx Girlfriend).

And to keep the love going Kahu devoured a bunch of Nonna's special meatballs!  Considering his penchant for not eating anything that isn't bread, yoghurt, chips or biscuits, this was amazing.  I'm putting in an order immediately.

After a lazy afternoon hanging in our lovely air-con, we dropped the monkey off at his BFFs and hubby and I headed off for a quick dinner and movie Life of Pi in 3D.  I loved the CGI animal effects, and loved having a 'date night' with mister Q.  Thx Lu - we love you x

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