Thursday, 31 January 2013

Weekend again...

The great thing about a long weekend is that I get an even shorter work week, well unless you have to go into the office for a staff meeting on your day off.  Yawn...then it's technically still work right?

Lucky I have lovely Mama friends that will look after the monkey for me so I can play the professional - thanks Lu ;-)

But I did get to spend a couple of hours at the salon getting the greys covered and the hair straightened...oh and an awesome head massage, and QT to read all the trashy mags - lovely!

The new 'do'

I must remember to try and book hair-cuts in when I have something glamourous on like date night with the hubby...the chances I will actually blow dry my hair like this myself are pretty slim!

New cuteness with Kahu is cleaning his teeth with Papa....well we are trying to teach him about oral hygiene.  We havent got the toilet training or eating fruit and/or vegetables down yet but his teeth will be shiny & white!
The monkey & Papa cleaning their teeth together...

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Weekend in pictures

Baking red velvet cupcakes, farmers market, dinners with friends, battling extreme weather, doggie & kiddie playdates, hanging with little people, visiting Grandma & spending QT with my boys.....

I love a long weekend!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Clean up day

Post Australia Day storm clean up day - lots of debris & mud in the backyard. Hubby got onto that while the monkey did his bit inside.

He's not too young right?

Australia Day

What a crazy day!

Started off with little sleep coz of a fire in the scrub at the top of our hill overnight, which had us 'ready for evac' late into the night.

Markets at EPIC for excellent coffee, pastries & farm fresh produce - nice. Home to a bunch of chores, out shopping again and then a family arvo nap - yay!

Up at 5pm to watch the storm roll on before it hit around 7pm. Absolutely crazy! We got some water damage thru our windows & the garage but relatively unscathed compare to some of our friends. Our poor puppy Titus was less than impressed with all the lightening & thunder - poor pooch!

Still a vino & dinner with friends & 'new Australian citizens' made up for the dramas.

Pic is of the monkey getting his 'Straya'on

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Macarons & haircuts

It's been a couple of busy workdays since my last post. Not too much to muse upon.

But today is Thursday - my weekend begins! Thank freakin' goodness.

Started off with a 6am Ride gym class (I know - what the?), then a morning of running around getting things ready for the monkeys 2nd birthday. I mean where has the last year gone?

Lunch at Flute with the little guy & then home for naps and more domestics.

Oh and the boy had a haircut - super short & super cute!! Followed by some water play in the backyard with the pup.

Hubby bought home a new Nespresso as our old one went kaput, and you know how much I love coffee

All this & a macaron - delish

Nice long weekend ahead - Gotta love a National Holiday!

Happy Australia Day weekend!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday cheeky face

Monday - ugh!!!!!

Work - yawn.

But at least coming home to this cheeky dude makes the day more bearable!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sleeping Prince

Today I woke really early...thats the thing about hotel beds - they're just not your own.

Sun was just coming up in Sydney, Darling Harbour was super quiet and the hub and bub were fast asleep.

We had a big day ahead of us driving back to Canberra, but in that moment everything was quiet and peaceful.

And the monkey really is angelic when he's sleeping....

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Big day in the big city

Today I attended Basic Cake Decorating 101 at Planet Cake in Sydney, a gift from my monkey for my birthday last year. A great course, with a bunch of enthusiastic ladies all keen to create their own masterpiece.

Gotta say I think I'm a closet cake decorator. My ex-baker brother-in-law would be proud of my ganache work, & I was working the fondant like a professional.

Loved it. And fairly pleased with the result too.

To finish off a pretty great day I caught up with the cuzzies for dinner at Blackbird Cafe. Way too many hens parties but always awesome to see the whanau.

We all headed back to our hotel room for cake & the fireworks show. Front row seats from our bedroom window.

Perfect! Thanks Sydney.

My masterpiece & Planet Cake Peeps
Clockwise from top left: view from our room at the Novotel Darling Harbout, the big yellow duck, fireworks, hanging with my cuz Mana (watching CARS on the IPAD)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Hot enough???

We travelled to Sydney today where we watched the Celsius reach an alarming 46 degrees. Ouch!

Thank god for decent AC in the car!

We're staying at the Novotel Darling Harbour. Normally we stay with friends but fortuitous that we opted for a hotel this weekend given the soaring temps.

The room is large - with great views of Darling Harbour. Perfect for the monkey to spy all sorts of wonder, especially a big yellow duck. Such delight!

We spent a wonderful evening with some gorgeous friends, hanging at our hotel bar, & dining in house as well. Thank you Larry, Kay, Em & Deni for coming to us. Made for easy work with the monkey.

Lots of vino & goss, & a hubby who took the little guy off to bed while mama stayed on for more wine with the ladies. I love you babe - thank you :-)

And my girls - well they rock.....big time!!!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thursday fun

Thursdays are the beginning of my weekend.  Officially my favourite day of the week.

It starts with a leisurely brekky with my boy, then a gym class with a couple of my mama friends while the monkey hangs with his buddies in the creche.

Coffee and conversation follows after (with one eye on the little guys running around the mall).

Home for a nap, then some fun with friends in the afternoon.

Today we headed off up the hill to one of my fab mama friends who has a glorious pool - which was perfect for 37 degrees.  The monkey and I got to hang with some yummy mummies, and their little people.  Some lovely bubbles and eats, and gossip with the ladies while the little people trashed the joint, followed by a swim...gorgeous...

Best Day!  Thanks for having us Nolans.  You guys Rock!!!

Snacks with one of Kahu's BFFs - Miss Maraid
'Should we get dressed? nahhhhhhh!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


So when is too young to give chores?

The monkey loves to 'help' his papa around the house The latest thing is doing the dishes. Ok he mainly splashes water everywhere but he LOVES it.

Tonight hubby tells me that Kahu spilt some of his apple juice on the floor. Papa was like 'uh oh, we'll have to clean that up', the monkey runs into kitchen, picks up a cloth and rushes to wipe up the mess.

Q thought it was great, and was very proud of his clever, clean boy,

I thought it was a bit obsessive-compulsive - Is that wrong? (Cleaning has never been my thing though, so maybe I'm being alarmist, but seriously???)

Quote: "Housework can't kill you, but why take the chance?" - Phyllis Diller

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Coffee love

Sometimes the only thing that gets me through a work day is coffee...oh and the thought of going home, but otherwise it's coffee....

On a good day it's just one to get me started.  But then 2pm hits and I start to flag a I get another one to keep me going...

This habit costs me a fortune....But it's worth it.....

Lovely lovely lovely coffee...delish!

"I start working when the coffee does" - Quote by Unknown

Monday, 14 January 2013

Bottle or Sippy cup?

My boy loves his bottle - he seriously loves his bottle.

One of his first words in the morning is 'bot'?, and he is almost gagging with excitement when it comes into view.  He has another one at night before bed, and this illicits almost as much joy.

We're trying to cut the night bottle, and for a while there we had successfully introduced a sippy cup instead of the bottle.  And everything was good.  Kahu seemed to like it - not exactly jumping through hoops with with delight, but night 'bot' was eliminated.

Then we had a a bit of illness, a lot of interrupted sleep, and some routine changes, so we bought the bottle back...

and it has stayed....

Maybe we will try for the sippy cup when he turns 2?

or maybe not?

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Sundays are a funny day of the week.  It can be a lazy lie in, long brekky, play in the park with the child and pup, nana nap on the couch while the child sleeps, a big roast dinner and family snuggles on the couch....

Or it can be a hard gym class, market and supermarket shopping, visiting Granma, cajoling a cranky-pants child into bed for an afternoon sleep, running errands, cleaning out the garage, endless piles of washing, cooking dinner, cleaning up, cleaning the child, cleaning up the toy chaos, organising lunches, ringing family and falling into bed exhausted.

Guess which one was mine today?

I love my life, and my little family...and no matter what scenario there's always time for a snuggle on the couch...

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Party, Party, Party....

The heat has been killer in Queanbeyan and the ACT - Im writing this at 10.46pm and the weather is a balmy 26 degrees.  Today we went to Marcus's 2nd birthday party at the Weston Park Railway station and Cafe.  Can I just say 'great venue' for a kids party, train rides for the young & old, catering available (and can also bring your own), bouncy castle and face painting on request, great location with a cool park and water play area close by, right on the lake shore.  Pretty idyllic huh?

Anyway the party started at 9.30am and just as well as it was steamy by 10.30am.  Just as well there was some decent shade and a great indoor space to hide from the sun.  The kids had a blast - Kahu LOVED the train and was pretty much first kid on every time the whistle sounded for the "Marcus Birthday Party Express", and of course some of our favourite people were there - Miss Lolly, James and the birthday boy Marcus.

Oh and to make it even better the theme was Disney Cars, which just happens to be the monkey's all-time favourite movie (either 1 or 2 will do).  So of course I am going to steal pretty much all of Amelia's ideas for the upcoming 2nd birthday (Thx Girlfriend).

And to keep the love going Kahu devoured a bunch of Nonna's special meatballs!  Considering his penchant for not eating anything that isn't bread, yoghurt, chips or biscuits, this was amazing.  I'm putting in an order immediately.

After a lazy afternoon hanging in our lovely air-con, we dropped the monkey off at his BFFs and hubby and I headed off for a quick dinner and movie Life of Pi in 3D.  I loved the CGI animal effects, and loved having a 'date night' with mister Q.  Thx Lu - we love you x

3D movie geeks

Friday, 11 January 2013


The lovely Lola came over today while her Mama had some errands to run.  We love it when the little miss comes for a visit, it means that I can pretty much relax while the 2 monkeys amuse each other.  Perfect!

They are both at that age where they totally mimic each other, and then giggle at their own brilliance.  Too freakin cute!  Today there was endless fun jumping on the couch, dancing, playing music on  the keyboard and singing into the microphone.

Rockstars in the family for sure!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hello Tilly....

It seems a lot of my lovely Mama friends are onto baby number 2.  Either already pregnant or already welcoming baby number 2 into their families.  Today Kahu and I met the gorgeous Miss Tilly, who is just short of 4 weeks old and completely divine!

Big brother Jake is 1 day younger than Kahu and together they ran amok while I got to have a lovely visit with besotted Mama & Papa, and lots of Tilly cuddles.

Apparently second time round it's easier, less fear, more confidence.  And it certainly seemed like Lauren & Josh have it sorted, they were relaxed, welcoming, and completely in love with the beautiful Miss Tilly.

And who wouldn't be?

Kahu and Jake amused each other by madly running around the family room and Jakes big-boy bedroom.  Huge fun jumping on the bed, giggles, smiles, and shouting. 

Two 'almost-2' year old buddy-boys hanging out

Thanks Davis family for having us over today, we LOVE Miss Tilly, and Kahu had mad boy fun with Jake.  

You guys rock!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Toy Cull perhaps?

Toys are taking over our living room - seriously, they are everywhere! Post xmas capacity is at it's limit, and theres a 2nd birthday looming.

Time to do a major clean-up, move some to his big boy room and RECLAIM our living space

(yeah right!)

New Xmas toy haul added to the growing collection

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Xmas in QLD was spent with all my immediate family.

The last time we were all together in the same place was my wedding, and there have been 2 extra monkeys added since then, Kahurangi and my nephew Taj.

Of course what better opportunity that to whip out the flash Canon IOS camera and take a few snaps, it helps that my brother George has the same camera and is a bit more savvy with all the settings than I am (what do you mean you can change it from 'auto'?)

L-R: George, Matt, Mum, Dad, Cynthia & Me
Nanny & Grandad with all their grandkids

Monday, 7 January 2013

First Day back

Today was Kahu's 1st day back at pre-school after the summer break, and his first day in the big kids room.  He was very keen to leave the house with his school bag and get into the car, but not so keen to get out of the car, get into the lift from the car-park, or go into the centre. He was ok to sit and play with the cars on the floor but refused to say good bye to me or even look up when I left, no doubt punishing me for 'abandoning' poor baby.

I dropped in to check on him before lunch and he was laughing and running around madly with his mates.  Any seperation anxiety I thought he may have felt was all one-sided - namely mine.

A first day of sorts for me as well, stepping up to take charge of the team Im in - an acting co-ordinator role for 3 months, until the powers-at-be make some decisions about how the position is going to look going forward.  Day 1 and I'm already working late, not sure if this a good fit for me.  Just as well there is no restrictions on internet access ;-)

Photo is of the monkey ready for his first day back at school.

Sunday, 6 January 2013


I love my friends! I love having that special group people that I share my inner most thoughts with. You know those friends that you can laze about with all day and not say much at all and it's perfect, or with who you can talk for hours and hours about everything. Those few that have been there for you and seen you at your worst and love you anyway. The ones that have celebrated your triumphs, and picked you up when you've stumbled. They are people that listen to you rant about your husband/boss/family, raging with you in solidarity, but also will tell you to 'get over it and move on' when needed. I love my besties, they're BFFs forever.

My monkey has a special BFF already - Miss Lolly is the gorgeous daughter of a wonderful mama-friend of mine. They are 2 weeks apart in age and have been hanging together since they were about 2 months old. Miss Lolly has been hanging out at Casa Clements a lot over the last few days with Kahu, and it is just gorgeous watching their special friendship develop.

My hope is that my baby boy is as lucky in his friendships as I am in mine, and watching these 2 monkeys together I can see he's going to be just fine.

Holiday pics from sunny QLD

All this hot weather is like being back in QLD - it hit 40 today, yikes!!!! So we stayed in air-conditioned comfort. See photos below from the last week of fun in the water featuring kayaking on Maroochydore river, morning swim at Mooloolaba Beach, hanging at the pool at my brother's holiday rental in Caloundra, and braving the masses at Southbank Brisbane Aquatic park. The monkey is a water baby for sure!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Back to reality

Back in Queano after 2 weeks in QLD. Luckily the weather has followed us (without the humidity) and it's HOT HOT HOT! We've been cranking up the A/C & hosing off in the backyard.

Our puppy Titus spent 2 weeks with our dog-trainer. He 'seems' to have picked up some good manners too :-) Hubby still busted him sprinkling the doormat inside tho - doh! Toilet training for the boy & the pup on top of the 'to do' list for 2013.

Came home to a lovely parcel from my BFF in Sweden - a gorgeous book for Kahu & a lovely bead necklace for moi, made with her own talented hands, Thx Bestie.

Back to the gym for me this am. Didn't pass out - bonus! After 2 weeks of indulgence & lazing about its time to get back on track, starting now, or tomorrow, ok Monday ;-)

Hubby & I are on a mission today - furniture shopping for the monkeys big boy bedroom. Not sure I'm emotionally ready to let my baby move from a cot to a bed so watch this space for developments.

Pics are Kahu attacking Papa; me, monkey & necklace from my BFF; Titus our 5 mth old MaltiPom

Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

After following a few blogs last year I am inspired to try one myself. The idea is to post a photo each day & anecdotes from my daily life.

I know! Exciting huh?

So who am I! I'm a proud Kiwi living in Australia, a mum of an almost 2 year old boy Kahu, wife (almost 3 fabulous years) of the gorgeous Mister Q, Part-time Researcher/Archivist/Cataloguer, lover of family, friends, food, wine, laughing (alot!), Jane Austen movies/mini-series (ooooh Mr Darcy!), books, massages, cooking, holidays, going home to NZ, dancing, romance and adventure.

To kick things off no NY resolutions (I mean - why bother?) but I will try to update this daily, & I will try to live well, and be a good person.

Here's a lovely photo of Mister Q & Kahu hitting the surf at Moloolaba Beach on New Years Day morning - happy days.