Sunday, 27 January 2013

Australia Day

What a crazy day!

Started off with little sleep coz of a fire in the scrub at the top of our hill overnight, which had us 'ready for evac' late into the night.

Markets at EPIC for excellent coffee, pastries & farm fresh produce - nice. Home to a bunch of chores, out shopping again and then a family arvo nap - yay!

Up at 5pm to watch the storm roll on before it hit around 7pm. Absolutely crazy! We got some water damage thru our windows & the garage but relatively unscathed compare to some of our friends. Our poor puppy Titus was less than impressed with all the lightening & thunder - poor pooch!

Still a vino & dinner with friends & 'new Australian citizens' made up for the dramas.

Pic is of the monkey getting his 'Straya'on

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