Saturday, 24 August 2013

Friends, Parties, Snow, Family & Cuteness

Life cruises along pretty quickly sometimes - and gets pretty busy!  Here's a quick recap of our world lately...

Cutie pie James came for a play date. We haven't seen this little monkey in a while so Kahu was very excited to hang out with his little kiwi cuz. James was such a great mate - running around after 'Koko' and sharing all the toys. What a fab lil kid :-)

One of the little people Maddie turned 3 and her party was at Gymboree. Great idea for a kiddies party with plenty of action for the little people - soooo stealing that idea for the next birthday!

Gingerbread man - can there be a more fun sweeter treat? Probably not

L-R clockwise: watching the diggers & trucks, carb loading at a cafe, hanging out on the fort in the backyard, laughing at mama

Playing 'kitchens' with BFF Lola while Mama had a morning of spa treats courtesy of the lovely Lu. Bit special!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Lately we've been busy....

We've been busy peeps lately - back from our NZ holiday, settling back into work & daycare routine, sorting out the newly renovated house, kiddie birthday parties, hosting a baby shower, dates with my boy, fighting off winter bugs, and work functions.

Can't complain - life is pretty good!

Watching planes land

Party time for Gracie's 3rd birthday

Baby shower treats for the lovely Luana

Panel of library types at Digitise or Perish!

Newest art piece and/or family member


Thursday, 8 August 2013


Yes indeed - many reasons to be thankful .....

But this one is topping the list ....

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Lord of the keys

Picked up this cutie back home in NZ - love me some Tolkein inspired homewares, and how much the homeland keeps LOR love going.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Living spaces

We've finally unpacked all the boxes, hung the pictures, dusted off the keepsakes, and moved in the new furniture, after moving back in post renovation 4 weeks ago.

The recent trip to NZ resulted in a few art pieces which are now hanging in various parts of the house. Yes there is a lot of photos and perceived clutter, but that's who we are (you should see inside my head!!!).

Study nook & the monkey's play zone

Dining area and new white leather lounge (are we mad?)