Monday, 24 June 2013

Busy busy busy

Beautiful but cold mornings as winter kicks in. We're still waiting for the green light on moving back to our newly renovated home but were keeping busy.

Market visits mean snacks from local producers - yum! Sausage sandwich & banana smoothie anyone?

Play dates with the little people, including the BFF Lola, makes for a happy monkey (and they double as a way to wear him out for Loooooong afternoon naps!)

Visits to Sydney to see gorgeous friends and family top off a busy few weeks. Loving it when the cuz cooks up a tasty brekky after a few vinos the night before.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Long weekend love

A long weekend means trips to the park, playdates with besties, takeout coffees, cafes, walking Titus, eating outside, playing 'airplanes, copters & wrestling' with Papa, watching episodes of Newsroom with the hubby (loving this show), baking muffins, market shopping and lazing about.

Pretty perfect really.

Of course we did take advantage of all the sales and did a bunch of shopping for the newly renovated home,  (should be moving back in 2 weeks - yippee!!!), and were still deciding on white leather for a couch - are we mad to be thinking white?

To finish off the weekend I'm heading off to see Gatsby at Dendy Premium with Lu & Shirley tomorrow. 

Thanks for making your birthday a holiday Queenie!!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Coffee date

The monkey and I ventured out to the gym today. First Power class in months which I'm pretty much feeling all over my body now - ouch!

Caught up with Julia, Sebby & Frida (we love these guys!) and then the little dude and I headed off to 4th Seed for coffee and 'moo-shakes'. I'm loving this cafe in the hood, and they're extending so even more reason to hang out there.

Great coffee. Delish macarons. Awesome company. Perfect date.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Remembering Dad

Today marks 1 month since my Dad died.

One month, 31 days, some 245 hours since he took his last breath and drifted away.

And even though those last months and days were pretty tough on him, he remained stoic and conscious of us all to the end.

What a champion.

Heres some things about my Dad:

He cooked the best roast pork and crackling on the planet - no question!

He could feed the neighbourhood and one more to dinner was never a problem. No-one went hungry in our house and there was always a place at the table, and a bed if you needed it.

He thought he could sing like Elvis Presley, and loved to tinker on a guitar even though he didn't know that many notes.

He could fix almost anything and would spend hours tinkering in the garage on cars.  Right up till weeks before he died Dad was still my 'go to' person for any DIYQuestions. He knew all about our current renovation and gave me lots of advice.  I hate that he won't see the finished result.

He worked multiple jobs to give us everything, we never missed out on anything, played all sorts of sports, went on all sorts of trips, had all the right clothes and gear to keep up with all the other kids.  It's only now that I have my own family that I have some small understanding of the sacrifices Mum and Dad both made so we could have everything.

He loved being a Grandad.  And his grandkids all adored him. Without question.  My boy talks about his 'Grandy' all the time and I hate that Dad won't be around to see him grow up but he will,always know who his Grandad is, and he always know how much he loved him.

He adored Mum. No question. Loved up till the end - how great is that?!

I miss you Dad. I will miss you every day, every single day.

And I know that I didn't say it enough, but you were/are the best father ever.

I love you

Photos of Dad - wedding day, dad & the monkey, family, grand kids, hanging with Grandy

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hello June

It's the 1st of June.

Finally May 2013 is done.

In May I lost my beloved Dad, my gorgeous mother-in-law Joan 2 days later, and we miscarried a much wanted, already loved baby.

Complete and utter crappy month.

Rather than dwell on the when's, how's and whys -I'm choosing to look forward, strive for positivity & know that better days are coming.

I have an awesome family. No doubt! I have amazing friends, and a loving husband and son. I know I'm one of the lucky ones.  There is much to be thankful for.

Yet grief is tricky.

It creeps up on you when you're not looking, hits in unexpected places, and knocks the wind out of you.

I cry a lot. I rage even more. Quinton struggling with loss of his own mother bares a lot. Bless that man.

Good days and Bad days. 

May for all it's horror, also has many days of celebration. Mum, Dads, Qs and my sister Cynthia's birthdays, Mother's Day (yay!) and our wedding anniversary. 

So not so terrible usually.

A genuine thank you to the wonderful people in my life who are always checking up on me/us, who send messages of support, and offer an ear for when I need to vent - which is often.  Your value can never be measured.

I told you I am one of the lucky ones.

So today after a month away I'm blogging again. I'm saying goodbye to May - I'm moving forward with a smile.


Pics of the little people lighting up our lives - and one of Q and I on anniversary night.