Thursday, 28 February 2013

Rainy days

All effort to get out of the house this morning and go to the gym was thwarted by a slow start, playful child, crappy weather and general apathy. Much more fun playing My Potato Head with the monkey.

We finally got dressed in anticipation of heading out at some point. The little guy decided that wearing his new McQueen gumboots indoors was a clear fashion winner - thx Aunty Lu!

And Miss Lola came for a playdate and kept us entertained for the afternoon. That little princess realty does light up a room (and my little guy just adores her!!!!)

Rainy days aren't that bad when you're hanging with the little people.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Boy racer

I ordered a personalised tshirt for my monkey for his party on Sunday.

It didn't make it on time.

Turned up on Monday! Yep 1 day late. Oh well he still looks pretty cute :-)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Sugar come down - post party wrap

My baby is officially 2! What a big boy!

We had a brilliant day - beginning with the monkey waking up to balloons in his bedroom, racing into the living room to a huge Lightening McQueen poster, more balloons & presents yay!!!

The weather cleared for the morning so we got to party outside on the deck and the little people played on the newly built cubby fort. Bit of a winner with the littlies.  Miraculously Q and I, with the help of my step-son Julien, were ready on time. The food worked out, the rain held off & everyone had a great time, especially the birthday boy! Success!!

The rain swept in just as the party ended - thank you weather gods for holding off. The little people all went home with Lightening McQueen goodies & smiles, and our little prince went off to sleep worn out from all the excitement. After a visit with Grandma he opened his gifts, what generous friends our boy has. We are very lucky indeed with the wonderful friends we have, and so fortunate to have them in our sons life. Thank you beautiful people - we love you guys!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Party in one more sleep

My baby boy turns 2 tomorrow.


It seems like just yesterday that he was born, & we took him home from the hospital, wide-eyed, a little freaked but totally besotted by this beautiful miracle, and that's why we named him Kahurangi which means 'precious gift' - coz that's what he is.

Of course I was going to have a party to celebrate. Not on the same scale as number 1 but still a few good friends & their little people over. It's a Disney Cars theme, and I've been prepping all week baking up a storm.

Kahu got a cubby fort for his birthday- it came a little early as it was built & installed in our back yard on Friday. Super exciting for the little guy & our puppy Titus.

And my step-son Julien is here from Melbourne as well, so our little guy is over the moon. He loves his big bro 'Juju'

Cake is done, so we're ready to party tomorrow- yay!

Happy birthday eve monkey!!!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Life on the party lane

Feels like I have been baking, wrapping, prepping and sourcing party stuff all week - (around work of course!). It's my baby's 2nd birthday on Sunday so it's party time!

I was planning something a little more low key this year after the big 1st birthday soirée, but of course I have thrown myself into party planning mode with a vengeance.

Well he is my little prince!

My other baby Titus had the 'chop' this week & some surgery on his legs, poor puppy. The healing isn't go so well so he's now mister cone-head for a week.

At least it doesn't clash with his golden coat!

The monkey got a parcel in the post from his godparents - Xmas & birthday. He opened the Xmas pressie which had a couple of cool t-shirts & Quazi from Octonauts. It's now his fave soft toy and he is now a permanent fixture EVERYWHERE! Thanks G'ma and G'fa!

Awesome playdate with Gracie & Leah today while I went out to pick cabinetry for my new kitchen - yes please!! And home for Cars 2 DVD - perfect 'babysitter' for Kahu while mama did so more baking.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Poor Titus

Desexing day - poor puppy!

And he had some excess cartlidge on his leg removed, teeth looked at, Heart worm injection & nails clipped.

Big day, big bill - but he's worth it!

Titus in recovery mode

Weekend pics

Dinner out like grown-ups, bunch of cake-pops for Miss Lola, catching Lincoln at the new Palace Electric, a 2nd date night with hubby (I know - awesome right!), catching up with friends, baking treats, playing with Titus & hanging with my little family....


Handsome Hubby

Cake pops for Lola
Titus & Kahu playing
Movie date night
Hanging with Asha

Friday, 15 February 2013

Cake pop!!!

The monkeys new object-de-lust - the cake pop!!

And why not? Choc dipped cake on a stick, what's not to love?

Hello delicious chocolatey treat :-)

The week so far

I've been a bit slack this week blog-wise. Can I plead work (yawn), and impending birthday for the baby boy (yay!). I'm a busy lady!

We did have the lovely miss Lolly over for a playdate and making cake pops! The pops were not quite as I envisioned but they were a big hit with the little people.

We did manage a lovely night out at Ottomon for Valentines Day. The last time hubby & I were here was the night he proposed. Happy day indeed!

Sublime food, gorgeous company and a bottle of DogPoint Savignon Blanc from NZ (where else?) made for a lovely evening. Thanks Lu, Shirley & Lola for looking after the monkey!

And now it's the weekend! Yay! Have a good one ;-)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Weekend in pictures

Injuries aside it was a busy weekend of friends, baking cupcakes & macarons, the Disney Live show with Lola & Lu, dinner dates with the BFF, birthday cake & play in the park, market shopping with a clean-shaven hubby (ooh la la it's been at least 2 years - weird!!!) & lots of family cuddles!

Loving it.

Blowing kisses, The little chef, Ankle injury, Zumbos macarons from a box
Dancing with my BFF, Mesmerised at Disney Live, Tigger & friends
Fruit at market, The monkey & debearded hubby, More fruit, Kahu loves a coffee

Hot date with my BFF, Cupcake & Juice break, park play

Friday, 8 February 2013

On the mend

The swelling in the ankle has gone down & I'm much more mobile today - yay!!! We even got out the house today for a playdate with miss Gracie & Leah. The monkey loves Gracie and all her lovely pink toys, & it's always lovely for the mamas to have a goss while the little people amuse each other.

After a big play and a brief hobble round the shops the monkey was ready for a nap. Arghhhhh some peace and quiet.

The monkey woke rearing to go so we whipped up some vanilla cupcakes together. Ok Kahu was more interested in banging the wooden spoon on the bench but he looked pretty cute in his apron, and the cupcakes are delicious.

I tried Adriano Zumbo's passionfruit macarons in a box. Awesome! They weren't as perfectly round as the ones from the shops but not a bad effort for a first round. Just need a bit more practice with piping perfect round shapes.

Good work Mister Zumbo.

Strapped up & ready to hobble
The little chef
Delicious macarons - mmmmmmm

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Invalid

Being incapacitated doesn't sit well with me!

Ironic since I have to sit all day with my ankle up ! Thankfully Lu came to rescue & the monkey spent the day with his BFF Lola so I could sulk alone.

One bright spot was the lovely tradies taking care of our deck - made for a pretty decent view out the corner of my eye ;-)

I did spend the arvo on Lu's couch - change of scene yay! And watched Kahu & Lola run each other ragged. Cuteness!!!!

And there was dinner as well! Lucky hey ?

Tradies at work


Stuck in Titus's car carrier

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


First blog in days (work smirk!) & I am sporting an injury! Yes I have my ankle iced and raised after a spectacular fall in netball this evening I am now stranded on the couch.

The husband is running around after me and the monkey (he's a keeper!) while I writhe about in pain. Ok I'm being a little dramatic but it freakin hurts! Ouch!

And we lost our game as well!

Boo! Small silver lining is that I can't possibly get up before dawn for Ride at the gym.  I may just have to spend the day resting watching movies with the monkey.

Not so terrible after all ;-)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday's monkey business

The monkey & I headed off to do some shopping while Papa & Juju did chores. It was supposed to be food shopping but we did spend an inordinate amount of time looking at toys & party things. Oh and we had babychino/coffee and cake as well.

A perfect date with my little guy!

Lunch with the family was bruschetta made with some gorgeous tomatoes & basil courtesy of Lu & Shirley. Delish!

And the next big step for the monkey is a big boy bed. But first we took the side off the cot. What a novelty - there were many bedroom escapes & giggling before he finally settled in hugging Elmo.

Awwwwwghhhhh - my baby is growing up!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hanging at home

Slow start to the day for the Clements family today. I had every intention of getting up for Ride at the gym today but my bed was far too cozy, and the monkey was hanging with Papa, so I snoozed on instead!

I did make a batch of Whole-wheat Honey & Ricotta Pancakes for the fam when I did get up. Thanks sis for the new Donna Hay cookbook, it's getting a workout. Then our mate J the Electrician came over to do a few jobs for us (love tradie mates-they rock!)

Papa & JuJu headed out to do some jobs while the monkey napped & I did some boring domestics. But Papa did bring home some cool toys from Grandmas that were his when he was a boy.  Kahu loved all the matchbox cars & little soldiers - cool!

Off to the pub for dinner. Ribs & vino - nice. 

Good day :-)

New 'old' matchbox cars 
Juju & Kahu leaving the pub