Monday, 25 February 2013

Sugar come down - post party wrap

My baby is officially 2! What a big boy!

We had a brilliant day - beginning with the monkey waking up to balloons in his bedroom, racing into the living room to a huge Lightening McQueen poster, more balloons & presents yay!!!

The weather cleared for the morning so we got to party outside on the deck and the little people played on the newly built cubby fort. Bit of a winner with the littlies.  Miraculously Q and I, with the help of my step-son Julien, were ready on time. The food worked out, the rain held off & everyone had a great time, especially the birthday boy! Success!!

The rain swept in just as the party ended - thank you weather gods for holding off. The little people all went home with Lightening McQueen goodies & smiles, and our little prince went off to sleep worn out from all the excitement. After a visit with Grandma he opened his gifts, what generous friends our boy has. We are very lucky indeed with the wonderful friends we have, and so fortunate to have them in our sons life. Thank you beautiful people - we love you guys!

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