Friday, 8 February 2013

On the mend

The swelling in the ankle has gone down & I'm much more mobile today - yay!!! We even got out the house today for a playdate with miss Gracie & Leah. The monkey loves Gracie and all her lovely pink toys, & it's always lovely for the mamas to have a goss while the little people amuse each other.

After a big play and a brief hobble round the shops the monkey was ready for a nap. Arghhhhh some peace and quiet.

The monkey woke rearing to go so we whipped up some vanilla cupcakes together. Ok Kahu was more interested in banging the wooden spoon on the bench but he looked pretty cute in his apron, and the cupcakes are delicious.

I tried Adriano Zumbo's passionfruit macarons in a box. Awesome! They weren't as perfectly round as the ones from the shops but not a bad effort for a first round. Just need a bit more practice with piping perfect round shapes.

Good work Mister Zumbo.

Strapped up & ready to hobble
The little chef
Delicious macarons - mmmmmmm

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