Saturday, 23 February 2013

Party in one more sleep

My baby boy turns 2 tomorrow.


It seems like just yesterday that he was born, & we took him home from the hospital, wide-eyed, a little freaked but totally besotted by this beautiful miracle, and that's why we named him Kahurangi which means 'precious gift' - coz that's what he is.

Of course I was going to have a party to celebrate. Not on the same scale as number 1 but still a few good friends & their little people over. It's a Disney Cars theme, and I've been prepping all week baking up a storm.

Kahu got a cubby fort for his birthday- it came a little early as it was built & installed in our back yard on Friday. Super exciting for the little guy & our puppy Titus.

And my step-son Julien is here from Melbourne as well, so our little guy is over the moon. He loves his big bro 'Juju'

Cake is done, so we're ready to party tomorrow- yay!

Happy birthday eve monkey!!!

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