Friday, 15 February 2013

The week so far

I've been a bit slack this week blog-wise. Can I plead work (yawn), and impending birthday for the baby boy (yay!). I'm a busy lady!

We did have the lovely miss Lolly over for a playdate and making cake pops! The pops were not quite as I envisioned but they were a big hit with the little people.

We did manage a lovely night out at Ottomon for Valentines Day. The last time hubby & I were here was the night he proposed. Happy day indeed!

Sublime food, gorgeous company and a bottle of DogPoint Savignon Blanc from NZ (where else?) made for a lovely evening. Thanks Lu, Shirley & Lola for looking after the monkey!

And now it's the weekend! Yay! Have a good one ;-)

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