Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sydney trip

Hanging at Aunty Loressa's place in Sydney for the weekend. Weather has been great & we've caught up with a bunch of people (not everyone we wanted to tho - not enough time) and an awesome trip to the aquarium to see the sharks!

Lunch with the whanau & goss with the girls - perfect!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Hanging with my mates

After waking up to a seriously freezing day any thoughts of playing outside were squished so we met up with Leah & Claire and their little people Grace & Hugh for a play at Lollipops.

Of course being school holidays we weren't the only mums with that idea - very crowded. Still the little people had a blast.

After a couple of hours running ragged we headed off home after stopping
off at Toys'R'Us for a spot of car shopping (coz you can never have enough right?)

Home for sleep for Kahu & domestics for me. And it's cold enough to turn the gas heater on.

Brrrrrr - it can't be winter yet surely?

Hanging with my BFF

We've moved back into our little townhouse & the monkey & Titus are settling in perfectly.

During the moving weekend we did a fair amount of eating out or ordering in & the monkey discovered his new fave food Pizza! I think his eating habits are strictly aligning to fast food or junk food! Anyone with hot tips on getting a toddler to eat verges and fruit please let me know ASAP!

Back to the move where after 1 day an anonymous neighbour did leave a note to 'tame our dog' - whatever!!! Titus went for a mini-break to the lovely Morgans house to stay with his mat Baxter. I'm not sure what happened there but he's a new dog - I swear!!! Dog whisperers in that house - I just know it!

Miss Lola came to hang out with us yesterday - We walked to the park (an exercise in endurance with 2 2 year olds) past the train station.

Lots of excitement all round.

Trip to Sydney

Last week I spent 3 days in Sydney for work. Great to meet my interstate colleagues at the ABC but more importantly Miss Halena Mere - my cousin Tissy & Orlando's gorgeous baby girl!

Mum & Dad are totally besotted (and who wouldn't be!) and are just doing fabulously - all is parents out there (me especially) can remember those first few weeks of shock & awe (and fear).

I just found out yesterday that Halena has a tumour on her chest - tests this weekend will confirm whether it is benign or worse. Until then we are praying for the best outcome & sending Tiss, Orlando & Halena all our love xx

It's been a while ....

And because my mum likes more regular updates I'm back! I was going to make this one BIG long post but opting for several - much easier when I only have access to Blogger via my phone.

There's been a lot going on on the Clements world lately - namely a temporary move out of our house back to our townhouse while we get some renovations done - YES! A new kitchen!!!

So week 1 has seen a complete demolition of our old kitchen, including walls (the fish tank in the wall has gone - hooray!), all our cornicing & window frames removed and the beginnings of a new kitchen being laid out.

Very exciting!

I picked a flash new French Door fridge yesterday as well. Along with all my new SMEG appliances I'm not sure I will know myself!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Weekly wrap

It's been a busy week in the Clements house with a renovation about to begin we have been madly packing up, clearing out, making lists, and organising a partial move back to out little townhouse for a month.

There is 8 large boxes of kitchen stuff packed in the spare room and I'm still not done!

Apart from packing the monkey and I have been hanging out with other little people, playing with Titus in the backyard, celebrating little ladies first birthday, and keeping warm in PJ onesies.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Play & Picnics

I love a long weekend!

It means we get time for domestics, socialising with friends and heading out for some family fun.

Today we headed off to Cotter Dam for a picnic. The ACT government has not long opened up the park & walkway to the dam and it's just lovely.

The monkey LOVED it & it was such a great day in the sun.

Many more days at the Cotter are planned in the future!!