Friday, 19 April 2013

Hanging with my BFF

We've moved back into our little townhouse & the monkey & Titus are settling in perfectly.

During the moving weekend we did a fair amount of eating out or ordering in & the monkey discovered his new fave food Pizza! I think his eating habits are strictly aligning to fast food or junk food! Anyone with hot tips on getting a toddler to eat verges and fruit please let me know ASAP!

Back to the move where after 1 day an anonymous neighbour did leave a note to 'tame our dog' - whatever!!! Titus went for a mini-break to the lovely Morgans house to stay with his mat Baxter. I'm not sure what happened there but he's a new dog - I swear!!! Dog whisperers in that house - I just know it!

Miss Lola came to hang out with us yesterday - We walked to the park (an exercise in endurance with 2 2 year olds) past the train station.

Lots of excitement all round.

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