Friday, 1 February 2013

Friday fun

Big day today.

Early start with tradies electrifying our garage doors. Hooray!!! I'm just a little bit excited for push button access.

Then off to Julia's for coffee & play with Sebby & Grace (oh & mama goss) then home for sleep for the monkey & some QT girl time with Miss Lola, who came to hang out for the arvo.

I just love that little princess! While Kahu slept we had cups of tea & big cuddles on the couch. Lovely!

Then of course her BFF claimed all her attention when he woke. Dancing, singing, yelling, racing cars, and having snacks & naps together.

 They're just so cute together ;-)

And to top off our busy day JuJu has come to stay for the weekend. Kahu's big bro & just one of his absolute favourite people.

Big day indeed!

Clockwise L-R JuJu & Kahu, Kahu & Sebby, pulling faces with Lola & Kahu, BFF naps
Jumping for joy while dancing with my BFF

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