Thursday, 31 January 2013

Weekend again...

The great thing about a long weekend is that I get an even shorter work week, well unless you have to go into the office for a staff meeting on your day off.  Yawn...then it's technically still work right?

Lucky I have lovely Mama friends that will look after the monkey for me so I can play the professional - thanks Lu ;-)

But I did get to spend a couple of hours at the salon getting the greys covered and the hair straightened...oh and an awesome head massage, and QT to read all the trashy mags - lovely!

The new 'do'

I must remember to try and book hair-cuts in when I have something glamourous on like date night with the hubby...the chances I will actually blow dry my hair like this myself are pretty slim!

New cuteness with Kahu is cleaning his teeth with Papa....well we are trying to teach him about oral hygiene.  We havent got the toilet training or eating fruit and/or vegetables down yet but his teeth will be shiny & white!
The monkey & Papa cleaning their teeth together...

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