Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hello Tilly....

It seems a lot of my lovely Mama friends are onto baby number 2.  Either already pregnant or already welcoming baby number 2 into their families.  Today Kahu and I met the gorgeous Miss Tilly, who is just short of 4 weeks old and completely divine!

Big brother Jake is 1 day younger than Kahu and together they ran amok while I got to have a lovely visit with besotted Mama & Papa, and lots of Tilly cuddles.

Apparently second time round it's easier, less fear, more confidence.  And it certainly seemed like Lauren & Josh have it sorted, they were relaxed, welcoming, and completely in love with the beautiful Miss Tilly.

And who wouldn't be?

Kahu and Jake amused each other by madly running around the family room and Jakes big-boy bedroom.  Huge fun jumping on the bed, giggles, smiles, and shouting. 

Two 'almost-2' year old buddy-boys hanging out

Thanks Davis family for having us over today, we LOVE Miss Tilly, and Kahu had mad boy fun with Jake.  

You guys rock!

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