Monday, 14 January 2013

Bottle or Sippy cup?

My boy loves his bottle - he seriously loves his bottle.

One of his first words in the morning is 'bot'?, and he is almost gagging with excitement when it comes into view.  He has another one at night before bed, and this illicits almost as much joy.

We're trying to cut the night bottle, and for a while there we had successfully introduced a sippy cup instead of the bottle.  And everything was good.  Kahu seemed to like it - not exactly jumping through hoops with with delight, but night 'bot' was eliminated.

Then we had a a bit of illness, a lot of interrupted sleep, and some routine changes, so we bought the bottle back...

and it has stayed....

Maybe we will try for the sippy cup when he turns 2?

or maybe not?

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