Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

After following a few blogs last year I am inspired to try one myself. The idea is to post a photo each day & anecdotes from my daily life.

I know! Exciting huh?

So who am I! I'm a proud Kiwi living in Australia, a mum of an almost 2 year old boy Kahu, wife (almost 3 fabulous years) of the gorgeous Mister Q, Part-time Researcher/Archivist/Cataloguer, lover of family, friends, food, wine, laughing (alot!), Jane Austen movies/mini-series (ooooh Mr Darcy!), books, massages, cooking, holidays, going home to NZ, dancing, romance and adventure.

To kick things off no NY resolutions (I mean - why bother?) but I will try to update this daily, & I will try to live well, and be a good person.

Here's a lovely photo of Mister Q & Kahu hitting the surf at Moloolaba Beach on New Years Day morning - happy days.

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