Friday, 18 January 2013

Hot enough???

We travelled to Sydney today where we watched the Celsius reach an alarming 46 degrees. Ouch!

Thank god for decent AC in the car!

We're staying at the Novotel Darling Harbour. Normally we stay with friends but fortuitous that we opted for a hotel this weekend given the soaring temps.

The room is large - with great views of Darling Harbour. Perfect for the monkey to spy all sorts of wonder, especially a big yellow duck. Such delight!

We spent a wonderful evening with some gorgeous friends, hanging at our hotel bar, & dining in house as well. Thank you Larry, Kay, Em & Deni for coming to us. Made for easy work with the monkey.

Lots of vino & goss, & a hubby who took the little guy off to bed while mama stayed on for more wine with the ladies. I love you babe - thank you :-)

And my girls - well they rock.....big time!!!

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