Thursday, 21 February 2013

Life on the party lane

Feels like I have been baking, wrapping, prepping and sourcing party stuff all week - (around work of course!). It's my baby's 2nd birthday on Sunday so it's party time!

I was planning something a little more low key this year after the big 1st birthday soirée, but of course I have thrown myself into party planning mode with a vengeance.

Well he is my little prince!

My other baby Titus had the 'chop' this week & some surgery on his legs, poor puppy. The healing isn't go so well so he's now mister cone-head for a week.

At least it doesn't clash with his golden coat!

The monkey got a parcel in the post from his godparents - Xmas & birthday. He opened the Xmas pressie which had a couple of cool t-shirts & Quazi from Octonauts. It's now his fave soft toy and he is now a permanent fixture EVERYWHERE! Thanks G'ma and G'fa!

Awesome playdate with Gracie & Leah today while I went out to pick cabinetry for my new kitchen - yes please!! And home for Cars 2 DVD - perfect 'babysitter' for Kahu while mama did so more baking.

Have a great weekend peeps - well be partying with the little people!

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