Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hanging at home

Slow start to the day for the Clements family today. I had every intention of getting up for Ride at the gym today but my bed was far too cozy, and the monkey was hanging with Papa, so I snoozed on instead!

I did make a batch of Whole-wheat Honey & Ricotta Pancakes for the fam when I did get up. Thanks sis for the new Donna Hay cookbook, it's getting a workout. Then our mate J the Electrician came over to do a few jobs for us (love tradie mates-they rock!)

Papa & JuJu headed out to do some jobs while the monkey napped & I did some boring domestics. But Papa did bring home some cool toys from Grandmas that were his when he was a boy.  Kahu loved all the matchbox cars & little soldiers - cool!

Off to the pub for dinner. Ribs & vino - nice. 

Good day :-)

New 'old' matchbox cars 
Juju & Kahu leaving the pub

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