Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Life lately

It's been a while between posts but we have been busy busy busy. Trips to Sydney to see friends, packing up our little flat to move back to our newly renovated house and having Nanny come to stay.
Kahu got his first taste of rugby mania hanging with his cuz Mana, Uncle Blair and Aunty Binnie- he's not really used to such displays of passion over sport but given his Kiwi background he probably should get used to it!

We showed Nanny the delights of Costco - where everything including the trolleys are over sized.

And moved back into our new house post Reno. Lovely new kitchen but still in a state of unpacking several weeks later. Of course hindsight is a wonderful thing and already I would make changes if I could have a do-over!  Loving our new entertainment area tho - wall mounted TV with no visible cords, yay!!

As an add on we decided to get the house rendered. I resisted but I'm glad Q won me over. I love the way it looks. We're going to pain it in the summer, not sure what colour as yet but I'm totally checking out other rendered houses for inspiration.

Part of the house makeover has my boy in a new 'big boys room' with very cool wallpaper. I'm quite proud of myself getting this world map up on the walls. Just don't look too closely at the names matching up in Africa.

Nanny love - that is all!

Sometimes it freaks me out just how quickly my baby is growing up- he totally looks older than 2and a half here! Clearly he was having an in depth conversation with his BFF Lolly and like his mama he likes to be quite expressive with his gestures.  That's my boy :-)

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  1. The kitchen looks great and i can't wait to come and visit. I think the September Canberra Fun Run is calling my name :-) xxx