Saturday, 27 July 2013

Kiwi love

Back home after 2 weeks in Christchurch with family and friends.  We took Mum with us and while it was a bittersweet first trip home without Dad we had a lovely time, eating too much, drinking more, laughing, crying, celebrating whanau and all things kiwi.  The little guy was utterly spoilt by all the rellies and beguiled all who met him (of course).

The boy all ready to take off from Sydney. 

Baby Lena and Uncle Q - My cousin Tissy's gorgeous baby girl who wasn't that keen on cuddles with me but was loving my hubby.

Uncle Toms' 60th party was a chance for the family to get together and have a drink or 3. Lots of excellent food, mums lethal punch, great music, some serious dancing, karaoke & way to many laughs. Much better pics on my canon - so check out Facebook for a NZ album soon.

L-R - cuzzies in the garage, cuzzie selfie, Mel & mum, Tissy & I 

L-R - black coven Mel, Binnie & I, me and one of my bestie's Dottie

Visiting good friend Angela & Simon & hanging out with her little guy Benson

Q & I took advantage of Nanny staying with us and had a little overnighter to Wellngon to stay with friends Tim & Ramon.  I had forgotten how fab the capital city is - awesome coffee, great shopping, awesome cafes, and excellent shopping.  Oh and my gorgeous god-daughter and niecey Courtney lives there. I love that girl!!!

L-R - Wellington airport (Tolkien town), a gigantic Gollum, Flight coffee at Hangar cafe, with Courtney

L-R - Q & Tim looking out to sea, in front of Maranui cafe, Moa sculpture in Greytown

L-R - with my love in Martinborough, a Kiwi dairy, Chocolate Fish cafe (very kid-friendly) and a choc fish drink - yum!

2nd week in CHCH was spent catching up with old friends, wining & dining, chasing good coffee, checking out the rebuild, hanging with the family, eating a few kiwi delicacies, escaping the rain, playing at parks, and shopping. Pretty fab actually

L-R - beautiful GFs Rachael & Sheree, kiwi-fruit cheese cake with pineapple lumps, signage, banana moo-shake at the market

L-R - whitebait fritters delish!!!, park fun with papa

L-R - Bavarian hotdogs, my 2 babies, another bestie Mitch, my boy the b-ball player

Back in our home and not looking forward to work on Monday. I'm hoping holiday memories will carry me through the first week at least.

I love my hometown but had a couple of shaky reminders of what my family and friends deal with constantly. Hubby and I felt 2 earthquakes - one sharp jolt in Wellington, and a longer rolling one in CHCH - have to be honest, I didn't love it. 

The reserved stoicness of the CHCH faithful humbles me. 

Arohanui Otautahi xxxxx

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  1. Awesome post! Looking forward to catching up and hearing all about it. The photos are fantastic - looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful time. Missed you xxx