Saturday, 9 March 2013

Whanau time

Hanging out with the family in QLD means lots of QT for the little guy with Nanny & Grandad. Just gorgeous to watch Kahu with his grandparents. He also has a a special spot with his cuzzies Ethan and Riley as well as Aunty Tintin. The poor monkey has a touch of croup but still loves all the extra attention he's getting.

Mum cooked a family fave for me - lambs fry, kidney & bacon. Yummo! Not everyone's first choice but I love it! Thx Mama.

Last time I was here all the family was - good times. Its rare we get together these days being spread out all over the country, even rarer we have a photo together. This one is from a lifetime ago of my brothers, sister & I. It may even pre-date the little people! (Gawd we're young!)

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