Sunday, 10 March 2013

Indoor fun & Happy cake

You would think the Sunshine Coast would mean excellent weather, and there is that QLD mantra 'one day beautiful, the next day perfect', unfortunately it hasn't been quite like that this trip. Warm but wet. So we headed off to Chipmunks indoor play land so the boys could burn off some energy, and us mamas could toss over coffee.

Kahu loved it - especially the rocking boat. So much so that he wasn't averse to pushing any other kid aside to get to the steering wheel. Yep it was a little embarrassing, so I sent the Aunty into sort him out on more than one occasion(well he does look like one of her offspring).

And he wasn't at all scared to get amongst it with the big kids- good thing cousins Ethan and Riley were there as protectors and rescuers. Nice one boys!

Owning the rocking boat, Ethan & Riley synchronized sliding
Just hanging in the ballpit

Aunty Tintin made the monkey a special birthday cake - or as Kahu calls them 'Happy Cake'. Seriously how cute is that? And correct? Happy cake indeed - yummy Aunty.

Yummy cake Aunty!!!

Off back to Canberra and Queanbeyan tomorrow. We love coming up to QLD to see the whanau but we miss Papa and Titus.

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